Endorsed By:

Aura De La Fuente
Tam Adams
Julie Alduell
Bruce Alfano
Cassandra Andich
Margaret Andreas
Lucy Andrews
Rachel Arama Yusem
Lotus Baker
Keith Baker
Jennifer Barrett
AJ Barrett
Carol Barrett
Sharon Bauman
Patricia Baumann
Linda Beebe
Dave Beebe
Suzanne Beers
Shauna Berquist de Marquez
Rachel Binah
Jennifer Bixler
Kate Black
Tara Bluecloud
Gary Bouley
Delores Braden
Susan Bradley
John Bradley
Beth Brenneman
Carolyn Brown
Melissa Brown

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Accomplished, Energetic, Qualified

"I have a proven record of years of work for our whole community"

Leading the County on the water crisis
Built first skate park in Mendocino County
Built a budget reserve
Solar Panels for water treatment facility

Holly is a primary member of our local drought task force. Listen to Holly's NPR interview with Melissa Block on water conservation

“She has the health and well-being of our community at heart”
- Karen Oslund, Former Mayor of Willits

"We have all seen Holly work her magic during this water crisis. I support Holly because she has the skill and experience to lead the 3rd District and all of Mendocino County"
- Senator Noreen Evans

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